How to get autoplay with new Chrome changes

The new Chrome browser is pausing autoplay with sound, which will impact user ability to watch commercials.

It is critical to start the videos / ads when using Discovery Media.  Not starting videos / ads will result in an automatic ban.


Quick Summary:

1. Change your preferences to turn on autoplay: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy


2.  Increase your Media Engagement Index (MEI) for all BuzzTV sites, EarnHoney, and any DiscoveryMedia sites.

The MEI measures an individual's propensity to consume media on a site. Chrome's current approach is a ratio of visits to significant media playback events per origin:

Consumption of the media (audio/video) must be greater than 7 seconds.
Audio must be present and unmuted.
Tab with video is active.
Size of the video (in px) must be greater than 200x140.

From that, Chrome calculates a media engagement score which is highest on sites where media is played on a regular basis. When it is high enough, media playback is allowed to autoplay on desktop only.

User's MEI is available at the chrome://media-engagement internal page.  As you can see below, it only takes a few clicks / videos watched to have a high MEI score.



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