DiscoveryMedia Offers FAQ

What are DiscoveryMedia Offers?

Users can earn HD$ for completing the playlist.  You can earn by just opening the offer! 

How to participate?

Each playlist has its own requirements.  Playlists are limited to certain geographies, with the default being US Desktop traffic only.  Any different requirements will be available by mousing over the offer icon.

Right now, this offer only works on Chrome with popups unblocked.  Vivaldi definitely does not work because it has very aggressive pop-up blocking.  Also, do not use a mobile device to request Desktop Sites.  It hurts everyone's relationship with our advertisers.

You know you are doing things right when, on each page, you see either an ad or a spinning circle for attempting an ad for at least a few seconds.

How do they work?

All you have to do is watch the videos.  Your HD$ balance will increase with every video completed. Feel free to explore videos all day!

As we want everyone to enjoy the content, only one offer can be played at a time.  Just close out the DiscoveryMedia tab to go to another offer.

How do I know what is a DiscoveryMedia playlist?

It will have stenciled at the bottom the amount of HD$ to watch all the videos.

Is there a limit I can watch?

Each offer has its own limit, so if one offer runs out, try another one!

I got kicked out!  What happened?

Unfortunately, our partners reserve the right to block watchers who do not pass traffic verification.  Check your system to see if something is erroneously causing this, and try again.

The countdown timer went to 0:00 but nothing happened!

Just refresh the page and everything will be fine.  We are working on a fix, but in the meantime, just make sure to check periodically.

It is telling me I have another tab open, but I don't.

Clear your local storage cache.

Help, my account can not access DiscoveryMedia.  What should I do?

First, confirm you are not using Vivaldi, and do not have pop-up blocking or ad blocking.  Please make sure to whitelist the following domains in Chrome's native popup blocker


Second, confirm that you seeing the one popup window that shows the articles and videos from our sponsors.  You should make sure any ad blockers are disabled for those sites too.

At this time, we are not re-instating DM privileges, but users can open another account specifically for DM.


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