DiscoveryMedia Adjustment

First of all, we want to deeply apologize for the problem this has caused everyone. 

From November 24-28, our system mistakenly paid 13 nectar for each video in DiscoveryMedia instead of the advertised 3 nectar.  This created a sticky situation as 13 nectar is many times higher than sponsors are willing to pay.

Unfortunately, this bug occurred at the same exact time that we found out that many users were (perhaps accidentally) improperly using DiscoveryMedia.  The 13 nectar adjustment is independent of the improper usage adjustments.

On November 30, the following steps were taken:

  1. All affected users were refunded 100% of their redemptions from Nov 24-28. All spent HD$ was credited back to their accounts.
  2. Any erroneous DiscoveryMedia earnings were subtracted from the users' HD$ pool.
  3. All video views were credited at 3 nectar/video for the "Baby showing fist" offer, as promised.

In addition, we will be sending (via Paypal) 50 HD$ to the effected users on December 1 as compensation for this unfortunate event.

We hope that DiscoveryMedia continues to be a user favorite, with one of the fastest and highest payout rates in the premium video content sharing industry.



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